Frequently Asked Questions

Owner FAQs

Property management is a multi-faceted process, and we understand the desire to know all the ins and outs. Below, we answer the most commonly asked questions about our policies, including costs, lease creation, rental timetables, and more. 

Why Do I Need a Property Manager?

You don’t need to employ a property manager, but you’ll be a lot happier if you do! Keep in mind:

  • The unpredictable regulatory environment is making it difficult for property owners. But, CVille Properties is well-informed on both state and local government rental regulations and can ease your burden.


  • Finding reliable contractors can be a hassle. Let CVille Properties assist you with construction and maintenance needs through our extensive professional experience and network of trusted contractors. Save time and money with our help.


  • Placing the right tenants can be a gamble. Trust CVille Properties to handle tenant placement and relations with our successful track record. Rest easy knowing your property is well-cared for by both its residents and managers.


  • Determining the ideal rental price requires both expertise and research. CVille Properties has in-depth understanding of rental rates for different locations and property types. With our help, you can accurately set the rental price, leading to higher occupancy and profits.
What Kinds of Properties Do You Manage?

We manage Residential, Commercial, and Short Term Rental (STRs) properties. 

Why is CVille Properties Different Than Your Typical Property Management Company?

CVille Properties is unique in that:

  • Our expertise lies in engineering, construction management, and real estate, allowing us to manage your property efficiently, effectively, and with clear communication. We dare you to find another property management company with the same level of technical knowledge as ours.


  • We are a small business, so you’ll always know who you’re dealing with, unlike larger property management companies with high turnover rates that hinder the development of trust and relationships.


  • We concentrate our services in specific geographical locations where we have established expertise and relationships, as opposed to a national chain that may not have a localized focus.


  • As active real estate investors, we manage our own properties using the same systems and processes that we will use for yours. Your properties will receive the same level of care and attention as our own investments.
How Much Does It Cost for CVille Properties to Manage my Rental?

There are only two charges for managing your rental(s):

  1. For the management of a single residential rental property, our fee is 10% of the monthly rental rate and is competitive. If you own multiple properties, we are open to negotiating the monthly rate.

  2. To lease a vacant unit, we charge a one-time fee equivalent to one month’s rent after the tenant moves in. This fee is not required upfront. If you already have a tenant, there is no fee to be paid.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?

To start managing a vacant property, CVille Properties requires one month’s management fee (as mentioned above) and a $300 property reserve. This reserve acts as a minimum account balance to cover unexpected or emergency repairs, without the need to reach out to you at all hours. If the reserve is unused, it will be returned to you.

If the property is already rented, only the $300 property reserve is needed.

Who Determines Rent for My Property?

Setting the rent for your property is a process we handle with a combination of your insights and our expertise. We start by thoroughly analyzing the local market, looking at comparable properties and current trends to come up with an optimal rental price. But it’s not just about our suggestions – as the property owner, your input is crucial. You’ll review and approve the recommended rent, ensuring it aligns with your expectations and investment goals. It’s a partnership approach, where our market knowledge complements your understanding of your property’s value.

How Long Will It Take to Rent My Property?

On average, renting out a property takes about two to six weeks. This period is influenced by the property’s location, its condition, market trends, and seasonal factors. Reducing vacancies is key to maximizing rental potential and overall profitability. Applying the correct rental rate is essential to optimize your Return on Investment (ROI), striking a balance between attracting tenants quickly and ensuring maximum revenue. Our focus is on achieving this balance to secure the best returns from your investment.

Who Pays for Any Maintenance That Needs to Be Done on My Property?

The property owner is typically responsible for the cost of maintenance and repairs. For the vast majority of repairs, we will utilize the rent collected at the beginning of the month to handle these expenses, so there’s no need for you to pay directly or use your bank account. Your end-of-month deposit will be adjusted accordingly. For significant repairs, however, we’ll discuss the situation with you, and you may be required to make the payment directly.

How Do You Handle Lease Writing and Contract Procedures?

Our approach to lease writing and contract procedures is focused on clarity and compliance. We utilize a carefully crafted lease agreement that aligns with legal standards and addresses the needs of both the property owner and the tenant. Our team is responsible for ensuring that all contracts are thorough, covering essential terms and conditions to safeguard all parties involved. We manage the lease signing process meticulously, facilitating understanding and agreement on all aspects of the lease.

How Do I Get Paid?

CVille Properties utilizes the best software in the business to streamline both tenant and rental owner payments. Monthly owner draws will be deposited directly into your preferred bank account at the end of each month.

Do You Offer Tenant Placement Without Property Management?

Of course! We’ll utilize top-of-the-industry technology and a structured method to efficiently secure a great tenant for you. A one-time fee equivalent to one month’s rent will be charged after the tenant moves in, and will not be required upfront, to lease a vacant unit.

Are There Cancellation Fees?

At CVille Properties, we understand the importance of flexibility and transparency in our agreements with property owners. If for any reason an owner is not satisfied or no longer needs our property management services, we simply ask for a two-month notice. Importantly, we do not impose any cancellation fees or hidden charges, ever. Our aim is to maintain straightforward, honest relationships with our clients, prioritizing their satisfaction and ease of management.

Resident FAQs

We aim to make your tenant experience as smooth and accommodating as possible. Below, you can find answers to common questions about leasing, pets, maintenance, and more. 

How Do I Get My Security Deposit Back at Move Out??

At CVille Properties, we conduct a detailed walkthrough before you move in and again when you move out to document the property’s condition. If there’s no damage beyond normal wear and tear, we’ll refund your security deposit plus any interest, within 45 days of your lease ending. This process, fair to both tenant and owner, ensures transparency and clarity regarding the property’s state and the security deposit.

What’s the Minimum Lease Duration?

For the majority of properties managed by CVille Properties, the minimum lease duration is typically one year. This duration is standard to ensure stability and consistency both for our tenants and property owners. However, it’s always advisable to review your specific lease agreement or discuss with us directly for any exceptions or different terms that might apply to certain properties.

What is Your Pet Policy?

Our pet policy at CVille Properties is generally quite accommodating, but it can vary from property to property. We understand that pets are important members of many families, so we try to be as flexible as possible. However, specific restrictions or conditions might apply depending on the individual property, such as breed restrictions, size limits, or additional pet deposits. We encourage prospective tenants to discuss their specific pet needs with us so we can provide the most accurate information based on the property they are interested in.

Do I Need Renters Insurance?

While we at CVille Properties do not require renters insurance, it is highly advisable to have it. Renters insurance offers protection for your personal belongings against events like theft, fire, and certain natural disasters. It also provides liability coverage in case someone is injured in your rental unit and you’re found responsible, and it can cover additional living expenses if your unit becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss. Considering these benefits, obtaining renters insurance is a wise decision to safeguard yourself financially.

How Are Maintenance Requests Handled?

Upon beginning your tenancy, you’ll gain access to our online portal, a streamlined system for handling maintenance requests. This portal enables us to track and swiftly assign skilled personnel to each of your maintenance needs. It’s designed for tenant convenience, allowing you to easily submit requests and facilitating prompt and effective responses to ensure your maintenance issues are resolved quickly and completely the first time.

Ready to Get Started?

Your properties and tenants deserve expert management by a local team that understands what’s important. If you’re ready, get started with our Catonsville Property Management team today.